We stock a lot of colors, but can get hundreds more, typically in less than a week. It is impossible to show all the colors available, as I have numerous suppliers with tons of colors. If you don’t see what you want, just ask! I can’t guarantee color matches, but can usually get pretty close or suggest alternatives.

SCROLL DOWN past color charts for more specific color information and help with choosing the best color for your ride.

Glow in the Dark Emblems are for offroad use only. Check local and state laws.

Not all colors are available for all emblems on the website, but we can typically make it work, so please ask!

A lot of colors, especially grays and pastells, it is possible to get in matte finish as well. Matte colors hold up better for offroad or dirty use.

Blacks: Matte black is our most popular color. I recommend matte over gloss black as it holds up much better to scratches, water spots, and finger prints. Gloss looks amazing, but more care should be taken with it. If your vehicle is dirty a lot, matte would be the better choice.

Oranges: I have numerous orange colors. “Orange” is a regular bright orange. “Dark matte orange” is closest to Jeeps Mojave Orange. Neon Orange is lighter, almost a tangerine. Pumpkin metallic is a lighter orange, but due to being metallic, will look darker or lighter.

Blue: Regular blue is very close to hydro blue, but does not have the same flake that hydro blue has

Metallics: Light gold/Bronze is a gold, but closer to some factory badging colors. Most people run this and are happy with it. Bronze is darker, more brown, and isn’t the best match for most bronze wheels on the market. Satin Gold and Satin Bronze are close to their metallic counterparts, but satin bronze is fairly close to bronze wheels ran by many. Silver is a darker silver. It is a metallic but doesn’t have a flake like silver paint. Blue metallic is an awesome color, but doesn’t match hydro blue perfectly. I do not recommend metallics as main letter colors for daily drivers. While many do run them and are happy, metallics tend to scratch easier and show water spots, finger prints, etc more. They work great for outlines though. Metallic colors also tend to have some flaws. While I do everything I can to avoid or minimize them, there is still the potential for them, typically look like little dots. I try and keep it to a 2 foot rule. 

Chromes: They are available in a bunch of colors, so just ask if you want something you don’t see. Chromes are awesome, but they do have a shorter outdoor life. They scratch easier and show stuff more. For outlines they aren’t too bad.

Other things to consider: Neon and bright colors will fade faster than darker colors. Parking in shade, or so your tailgate faces north or east is better than west or south (geography plays a role) to keep it out of direct sunlight prolonging the emblems life.


See something missing? Let us know!